Fast-start digital twin consulting

Kick-start your digital twin program with fixed price consulting offerings

Digital Twin Discovery Day - One day executive workshop

  • 1 hour pre-workshop briefing
  • Realising Value from Digital Twins
  • Overview of digital twins
  • Use case brainstorm & priorities
  • Technology & Industry landscape
  • Potential next steps
  • Selected Twin Showcases
  • Written meeting summary
Fixed Price

Digital Twin Buildathon - One day training workshop

  • Pre-workshop remote briefing & setup
  • Buildathon afternoon guidelines & tips
  • PC tools setup and checks
  • Up to 6 participants per workshop
  • Building a basic twin building in 3D
  • 3 months shared hosting for one demo
  • Basic data integration via CSV, ReST API
  • Optional support and extensions
Fixed Price

Digital Twin POC Enabler - Five day build + support

Prerequisites: Discovery Meeting and Buildathon completed
  • Pre-meeting briefings
  • Live data integration optional
  • Pre-meeting 3D content conversion
  • Other extensions possible
  • Focused build on a single use case
  • 3 months shared hosting
  • Demo-ready at end of workshop
  • 3 months email/web support
Fixed Price

Digital Twin Kickstarter bundle - all of the above

  • Pre-session briefings
  • Discounts on further services
  • Discovery day
  • Discount on DTC membership (TBC)
  • Buildathon training day
  • 6 months shared hosting
  • 5 day POC Enabler
  • 6 months email and web support
Fixed Price

Consultancy Notes

  • Fixed price excluding travel and taxes.
  • Discovery workshop and Buildathon can be run remotely. Others are on-site.
  • 10% discount for Digital Twin Consortium members